The Art of Marketing Automation and It's Expected Growth

Blake Wisz
November 16, 2022

No matter the industry, marketing automation plays a role. For example, acquiring new contacts, leads, or constitutions is one of the top priorities of a marketing department or business. expects that by 2027 marketing automation software will reach a 9.1 Billion dollar market. The providers of the technologies, who host them, like cloud services, and the end users are impacted by this expanded market. 

Why am I sharing this? Optimizing your marketing budget can start with a quality automation platform, CRM, or social management tool. Deep data insights, automated campaigns, machine learning, and lead scoring are a few of the processes that needed to be completed by a human before this automation. A business can increase its output and efforts by effectively managing these systems. 

Enterprise businesses benefit significantly from these technologies using platforms like Salesforce, Oracle, Hubspot, and Blackbaud and each one of these platforms can show you the use case and stats to prove that. I see great potential for small to medium-sized businesses too who may lack the time and resources.  Shifting from an individual or team executing campaigns to pre-planned and mapped automations like follow up campaigns, customer service responses, and trigger journeys based on actions taken by leads or customers. 

Having spoken with many businesses from local service-based providers, artists, and even Web3-based offerings, I know they all face the pain point of time. Those with the budget in this market need to carefully consider costs before bringing on an in-house marketing team member to run platforms, content, SEO, and more. This is where my suggestion often is for platforms like Hubspot; though there are many great alternatives, Hubspot has some fundamental advantages. Firstly, you can use it for free for basic needs like email and customer service support chat on your website, a feature built into the platform. From there, you can take Hubspot academy courses to learn more about their technology and basic marketing principles. Finally, many marketers like myself are familiar with Hubspot and even have digital certifications we’ve received from completing lessons and passing online exams. 

That said, every company has unique needs, and platforms all provide value in different ways. At the core, they should help you launch and measure automation that helps land new customers and retain existing ones. Chasing Creative would be happy to help you set up using Hubspot or share insights from the platforms we’ve experienced. In the meantime, the best way to learn more is by reaching out to some of the platforms I mentioned and setting up a demo—these platforms conduct them daily and generally at no cost to you. It is a great way to compare platforms and get insight into how the company could support you as needs arise and you expand. 

Let us know if you have any questions or if you try out one of these platforms for your business. Until next time, happy marketing! 


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