Jasmine Wisz
June 8, 2022

Jasmine here. I’ve had this painting on my mind for a while and it was one of my major goals to complete this year 🥳  I had the vision for it, but the process was a bit intimidating, even beginning to find paper that large felt like a feat! I imported the lovely 100% cotton paper from France.

Then began the work of painting hundreds of little sea glass pieces in varying shades of blue, green, grey, brown and anything in between. The moment of truth was transporting and framing the oversized art. And with a bit of research I believe this painting to be the largest watercolor in the South. Haha, my small claim to fame! I was only able to find a handful of artists working at a similar scale.

All that to say, I’m super proud of accomplishing my goal and I love how this piece came out. It’s just as coastal and peaceful as I imagined it would be 🐚

Displayed at Plum Gallery St. Augustine, Florida

Learn more about the piece, here.

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