Product Photography: Stormalong Cider

Blake Wisz

One of the great honors of being a photographer is the amazing brands, products, and people I get to work with from around the globe. Often when I share this product with the people around me they are surprised they haven't heard of the product before and end up really enjoying it. So, I will start sharing some of these amazing products with you here.

This week we have Stormalong Cider was founded in 2014 by Shannon Edgar with the desire to showcase the virtues of cider made with the right apples. Cider is a complex and nuanced beverage, and apple selection and blends are paramount. When I received my case of Stormalong I knew I was in for a treat just on the attention to detail of their packaging and branding. When I cracked open their hard cider it lived up to the hype. I really enjoy a dry cider for summer months that have a champagne-like quality to them. Legendary Dry is made with a unique blend of ‘bittersweet’ cider apples which impart a tannic finish and ‘champagne-like character. A British-inspired cider with an American take. Less than 3 grams of sugar per can.

If you are a cider fan this Massachusetts based company is one to check out. You can learn more on their website, Stormalong Cider | Quality Craft Hard Cider.


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