Press Release: Chasing Creative Moves into Nocatee

Blake Wisz

Press Release: Chasing Creative Moves into Nocatee

A new freelance company offering creative services in Nocatee—drawn to the lifestyle, people, natural beauty, and growth of the area.

Nocatee, Florida, February 4, 2020—Chasing Creative LLC, freelance photography, marketing, and custom painting services.

Founders of Chasing Creative Blake and Jasmine Wisz, a husband and wife duo, moved from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Nocatee, Florida, in November 2019 and have since launched their new company Chasing Creative LLC. When talking with Blake, he said, "We are excited to continue to expand as members of the gig economy and grow in a new region of the country. While we've worked with brands worldwide, it is special to be a part of this flourishing community with so much possibility ahead. We have already met other local business owners who are excited about collaborating with Chasing Creative on future projects in the area". An example is Blake has begun working with Raghu Mirsa on his brainchild, the link to help with branding and community management strategy. The link will then be a central gathering place for people to gather around the themes of learning, play, make, do - focusing on STEAM programs for kids/youth, innovation, new startups, and business creation. Chasing Creative will also utilize the link as its Headquarters.

Blake and Jasmine Wisz have worked with clients to provide photography, design, branding, and custom painting services for over 6 years. Their images have been viewed over 56 Million times on the platform Unsplash, a stock photo-sharing website. Their work has also been seen on Edible Hawaii Magazine's cover, featuring one of their favorite clients, Kona Coffee and Tea Company. 

While these accolades are a testimony to their work, they believe the best is yet to come on this new adventure in North East Florida.

Creativity is there to be found all around us yet can feel elusive. Our Passion is to seek it out with you! Whether through media or marketing, we want to chase down what moves your business forward.

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