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There are some brands that go the extra mile from product, to branding, to the media they develop—Oak and Eden is one of them!  When they reached out last November and I tried their whiskey I knew this company was going places. I’ve enjoyed watching them grow digitally and physically with the construction of their beautiful new flagship building in Bridgeport, TX (hope to visit one day). Oak & Eden has also been featured in Best Products Top 10 Whiskeys! Talk about a competitive group—so many crushing it in the whiskey game right now.

What I love is the innovation of in bottle finishing they do called oak spire! Not only does this process add a beautiful design quality but it continues to finish the flavor in bottle. For me it also serves as the fanciest measuring stick you will see!


As a marketing and brand group it was astonishing for us to see the content Oak & Eden was putting out and the creatives they were working with. You can tell there is a lot of passion within the team and business itself. I connected with their Co-Founder and CMO, Brad Neathery. It all made sense.  When I asked Brad what drives you to create such great content and sense of community he said,

“A brand is only as strong as its community of adopters and believers. Most organizations build their brand on the basis of communicating how great they are and expect people to somehow fall in love with that. People want to believe in, and rally around something bigger than themselves, so as a brand, it is our opportunity to create something much bigger than a product or service, but rather to rally together a community of like-minded individuals who can fearlessly and shamelessly celebrate our commonalities. Every single thing we do and say is a piece of content that establishes our brand identity, and thus attracts or detracts people from wanting to be a part of our community”.

It is thought leaders like Brad that get us excited about the future of photography, marketing, and well… whiskey. Those who desire to create a gathering place where everyone is heard and has a voice will win the day.

Cheers to my friends at Oak & Eden.

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