Influencer Marketing 101 in 2022


I want to give you three tips about influencer marketing. I've been talking with friends lately, and they're like, "Blake, you need to share some of this wisdom." Number one, user-generated content.

When you create content yourself, the customer knows, and they can tell because it sounds like a sales pitch. But, when you send a product or give a service to an influencer to pitch to their dedicated audience, it's trustworthy and also comes across as authentic. So, user-generated content is a way to go, and it's one of the benefits of working with an influencer.

Secondly, if you find an influencer that's passionate about your product or service that infuses your business, your team, and your audience with passion, because they're excited to see that influencer care so much about your product or service and add credibility to it. Most good micro-influencers or even macro-influencers will share about your brand, but only if they genuinely trust it for themselves. I try not to work with any brands that I would not pay for out of my pocket. Sharing it with other people is great, but if I wouldn't buy it, I probably shouldn't hawk it or share it with other people because they're going to see right through that.

And third, if you've ever done any advertising online, Google, Facebook, anything, the engagement you get for those dollars keeps diminishing. I love the platforms, and they're great, and they serve a great purpose to grow your business and connect with new customers while reaching your current customer base. Still, when you give an influencer a product or a service and a campaign strategy behind that, connect with me if you need more information on how to do that. You're allowing your audience to see it from a new perspective. You're also not just sending out an ad. You're creating authentic content that creators work hard to bring to your brand. So user-generated content, new passion, and you're gonna beat the odds that ads can't always do with really good influencers and good creatives. So I hope this helped in your quest to learn more about Influencer Marketing 101.


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