Hey Layer

Blake Wisz

To kick off 2022, our team provided advising services to Hey Layer! A fantastic team that exists to democratize Web 3.0. Committed to educating and elevating our users, we provide a platform for the minting, management, and distribution of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) that are easy to use and accessible to all. 

Blake Wisz, Founder of Chasing Creative primarily worked with leadership to help outline and develop best practices, feedback, and provide tactical insights for their newly launched platform. From ideas to embolden Hey Layers NFT community to drive engagement and track progress. 

We do not doubt that Hey Layer will be one to watch. Although they launched their marketplace, hundreds of NFT's have been minted and shared. Soon, brands will be at the forefront, encapsulating moments, ideas, creativity, and more for the utility of NTFs.

You can get started FREE on their platform today by visiting 

Special thank you to CEO and Co-Founder Alla Koretsky for allowing us to serve their team! 


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