Developing Your Brand Voice and Creating Copy That Works

Blake Wisz

Tired of having your copy ignored? Do you want to know how to write more appealing copy for your customers while still keeping the integrity and professionalism of your company in tact? Then this blog is for you. In the following post, we will be going over some ways that you can make sure that even if people don't read all of what you have written, they will at least stop scrolling because it's so engaging.

For us at Chasing Creative, what we write should accomplish two main things: a blog, social media post, e-mail, or otherwise. Firstly, your text should be informative. I mean that the text shares something new or valuable to the reader, whether they are a new or existing customer. Secondly, the text should spark interest through your brand voice or highlight a topic or idea that people can engage with or personalize.

Over time, you can test or review how well you are doing by auditing your social media engagement to see how your audience responds to your text or use review tools like Google Analytics to see your Bounce Rate performance. If engagement is high and the Bounce Rate is low on a specific text, review, and repeat. Your brand voice should develop over time to become a familiar friend to your audience. When done well through trial and error, your audience will resonate.

One way to get going on brand voice and writing text that moves the needle in your business is using a free tool like to create a mindmap around concepts, thoughts, goals, and ideas that influence your brand voice can be super helpful. Above is a quick one I did as an example for you to see.

You’ve heard it time and again, but let’s take a moment to really think about what your brand voice is. What does it sound like? How would you describe the tone of your business in one sentence? Now that we know this information, how can we apply our knowledge to better engage customers with content on social media or email campaigns? Start by trying out different copywriting styles until you find something that feels authentic for your company. Write a blog post using the ideas in this article about why people should care about or take time to engage with your brand.

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