Boost Your Website's Performance: Setting Up Conversions with Google Analytics 4 on Webflow

Blake Wisz
June 5, 2024

Understanding user behavior on your website is crucial for optimizing performance and driving conversions. One powerful way to achieve this is by tracking events as conversions in this case we ill be looking at form submissions. This not only helps you measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts but also provides valuable insights into user interactions. In this guide, we'll walk you through the exact steps to set up form fill conversions on your Webflow website using Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Form Fill Conversions

Step 1: Set Up Google Analytics 4

  1. Sign in to Google Analytics: Go to Google Analytics.
  2. Create a GA4 Property: If you haven't already set up GA4, create a new property and follow the setup instructions.

Step 2: Add GA4 to Your Webflow Website

  1. Get Your Measurement ID:
    • In Google Analytics, go to the Admin section.
    • Under the Property column, click on "Data Streams" and select your data stream.
    • Copy your Measurement ID (it starts with "G-").
  2. Add the GA4 Measurement ID to Webflow:
    • Log in to your Webflow account.
    • Go to your project settings.
    • Under the "Integrations" tab, find the "Google Analytics" section.
    • Paste your Measurement ID into the field and save the changes.

Step 3: Set Up Form Submission Tracking

  1. Open Google Tag Manager (GTM): If you haven't set up GTM, create an account and a new container for your website.
  2. Install GTM on Webflow:
    • In GTM, go to Admin > Install Google Tag Manager.
    • Copy the GTM container code.
    • In Webflow, go to Project Settings > Custom Code, and paste the GTM code in the "Head Code" section. Save and publish your site.
  3. Create a New Tag in GTM:
    • In GTM, go to "Tags" and click "New".
    • Click on "Tag Configuration" and select "Google Analytics: GA4 Event".
    • Configure the tag:
      • Measurement ID: Enter your GA4 Measurement ID.
      • Event Name: Enter a name for your event, such as "form_submission".
  4. Set Up the Trigger:
    • Click on "Triggering" and click "New".
    • Choose "Form Submission" as the trigger type.
    • Configure the trigger to fire on "All Forms" or specify conditions if needed.
  5. Save the Tag and Trigger: Name your tag and trigger, then save them.
  6. Submit and Publish Your GTM Container: Click "Submit" in GTM, then publish the container.

Step 4: Configure the Event as a Conversion in GA4

  1. Log in to Google Analytics and go to your GA4 property.
  2. Go to Events:
    • Navigate to the "Events" section under the "Configure" menu.
    • Find your "form_submission" event (or the name you used).
  3. Mark as Conversion:
    • Toggle the switch to mark this event as a conversion.

Step 5: Test Your Setup

  1. Submit a Form on Your Website: Go to your website and submit a form to ensure the event is tracked.
  2. Check Real-Time Data in GA4: In Google Analytics, go to the "Realtime" section to verify the form submission event is recorded.

Still have questions? Let Chasing Creative Help You Optimize Conversions

Setting up form conversions on your Webflow website with Google Analytics 4 is a powerful way to gain insights into user behavior and optimize your marketing strategies. However, the process can be technical and time-consuming. That's where Chasing Creative comes in. Our team of experts can set up and manage your analytics, ensuring you get accurate data to drive your business forward.

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