3 Simple Ways to Improve E-Mail Results

Blake Wisz

Lately, we’ve really been diving into open rates. There are plenty of platforms out there like Flo Desk, Mailchimp, and Aweber that allow you to connect with your audience. But what converts? How are you garnering interest and providing value to your audience? Here are three useful tips to use for your next email campaign:


1.    Keep It Short

It sounds simple right? Believe it or not, brevity when it comes to emails is challenging for most clients. Not because they can’t make a point but because they want to share the most information during an email, not wasting their audience’s attention. According to Hubspot, having about 50-125 words is ideal. We would bump that up a bit depending on your industry. Try to shoot for under 200 words. The idea is that your email converts, which means the user is leaving their email box and heading to the actual communication or opportunity.


2.    Use Video Content

We recently conducted an email campaign for a client and used video as the main piece of content with a short supporting copy. Generally, this client’s audience is not used to receiving video content VIA email, so we were curious about the results going into this test. Our video was personable, informative, and authentic. We saw the highest open rate of 38% for this client when they normally averaged around 22-25% open rate. We also saw an increase in the average click through rate by nearly 4%. If you are not doing video, you may want to consider how you can incorporate it into your upcoming campaigns.

3.    Make it Click Worthy

This is probably the hardest part for people to execute, but if you have not developed the journey after the email, you may want to consider not sending it at all. You need to have a clear trajectory for those reading your email to be persuaded and understand what you ask them to do with an apparent pathway to get there. Using the same client as the example above, we had created an opportunity for the user to utilize the tools we had just explained in the video—this made it very easy for the user to understand what we wanted them to do.


This article was developed based on a Chasing Creative client case study; we understand that results and tactics will differ depending on your industry or audience. However, if you are looking for ways to test your audience’s response, give our 3 tips above a go and let us know how it worked for you! We would love to hear how it goes, email us at to share your results or for more personalized consulting.

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