100% Kona Coffee | Single Family Estate | Big Island of Hawaii

Blake Wisz

People travel from all over the world to Hawaii for its stunning beaches, sunsets, oceans, and culture. The Big Island of Hawaii stands out with another specialty...Kona Coffee. We are hooked for life, so we thought we would share a Single Family Estate, Coffee Roaster, and shop at Kona Coffee and Tea Company. We also wanted to share an update on how things are going during COVID-19 and how the local community helps to hold business down.

Unplanned and we stopped into the shop where we met up with Owner Malia Bolton-Hind to take some images and try some 100% Kona Coffee drinks. We then headed up to the farm, where you can see in our video there was a bit of light rain that just made the new coffee planting fields shine.

You can learn more about Kona Coffee and Tea by visiting, Show support by joining their subscription program to have coffee sent whenever you like!

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