North Coast Supply & Outfitters Launches in Ponte Vedra, Florida


North Coast Supply & Outfitters was launched and inspired by the history and legacy of our shores in North Florida but echo's far beyond. Blake Wisz is the Founder of North Coast Supply & Outfitters lives in Ponte Vedra and has been visiting the area for years with his family. Inspired by the coasts around the world Blake wanted to develop a brand that creates simple designs printed on quality materials for locals and travelers alike.

As a creative Blake has photographed and marketed for brands around the world and across industries. From celebrities, outdoor brands like Solo Stove, Square Payments and more he has seen how brands can help tell a story and motivate people to do something impactful. With over 150 Million Views on he has given his photography away to creatives and businesses to use freely and grow their own projects. His images have been used in publications like Forbes, Buzzfeed, Medium, etc.

Now, through North Coast Supply & Outfitters he hopes to grow the reach and awareness of the new lifestyle brand. For each sale 2% of the profits will be donated to clean water or ocean clean up projects. Believing that everything is inspired by God's creation around us and that to continue to set sail and tell stories we must be willing to do our part no matter how big or small.

North Coast Supply & Outfitters is glad you are here. If you have any questions for their team you can email,


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