link in bio to drive traffic on Instagram and TikTok

Blake Wisz
January 15, 2021

We've all read it before in someone's post, "see link in bio" or "link in bio". This is because a creator, business, life coach, or you name it has worked hard for their engagement and they want to share with their followers. But how do you know what will appeal to that specific follower? Or what if you are doing multiple campaigns? Have a few new articles or product drops... well this is where ChompQRme can help drive further engagement. See my ChompQRme link below in the bio. You can customize yours to anything you want.

Tell me more...

ChompQRme is free to use. You get a free link and ChompQRme Code when you sign up. You can also customize your ChompQRme link with multiple links making it easy to share one link with your audience acrossall your channels. Link in bio helps your followers on one channel see that you might have additional content or offers on another channel. Increasing the likelihood they interact with your content. 

Want to get started?

Create a free ChompQRme profile then follow these simple steps to add your link to your Instagram or TikTok bios: 

  • Open the social app
  • Click on edit profile
  • Paste ChompQRme link
  • Save! Nice work. 

Now that you have that set up you can start running campaigns, sharing content, and updating your ChompQRme profile account anytime you want to add additional information for your audience. Get Chomping! 



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