Press Release: Chasing Creative Launches ChompQR to help local restaurants implement a contactless mobile menu experience.

Blake Wisz
January 15, 2021

Jacksonville, April 15th, 2021: Local company Chasing Creative, LLC launched a new brand and service that they hope will highlight and bring excitement around restaurants in the greater Jacksonville area. Started by husband and wife team Blake and Jasmine Wisz, ChompQR's SaaS (Software as a Service) offering allows restaurants, bars, and coffee shops to create a seamless mobile menu experience with a visual touch to include photography of their menu items. Their technology also allows restaurants to update their menu without wasting paper and tracking how many scans are occurring on their mobile menus. 

Using a subscription model, restaurants sign up and add their menu items, design their custom ChompQR code to incorporate their brand and colors, and start sharing with their customers. While QR code technology is not new, it's been around since 1994; ChompQR hopes to be more than the technology but a brand that brings hospitality together during a time that has challenged many. 

When talking to the founder Blake on why he wanted to jump into the QR space, he said, "We tend to eat out quite a bit which during COVID-19's peak many restaurants were grappling with menus and how to serve customers best. The feedback we got from friends and family often was if an establishment had a QR Code based menu, many don't, it was hard to read, or you had to download an app to use. We wanted to change that and at the same time bring people together through a fun and quirky brand experience."

ChompQR is working through grassroots means to develop relationships and know local spots that could use their service. Recently, their team headed down to the Springfield area to visit Main & Six Brewing, where they learned about the local brewery scene. Co-Founder of ChompQR Jasmine said after visiting, "It is amazing to see how places like Main & Six Brewing bring people together. From folks that live around the corner to those traveling from out of state in one afternoon, we were able to have engaging conversations with many different people; that is what we hope to help support through ChompQR".

The ChompQR team believes their experience in marketing, photography, and design will lead to a better experience and coaching for restaurants as an added benefit to the service they provide to their clients. 

About ChompQR:

ChompQr is a seamless digital menu experience for restaurant owners and their guests. Diners scan your unique QR code to load a dynamic mobile.


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